About Beholder

Beholder is a content marketing company specializing in film and video production, copy and web development, and social media marketing. Our strategic approach offers creative, production, and budget efficiencies to maximize return on investment and relationship.

Relationship Based

We are passionate storytellers who thrive on growth and being an integral part of your team. After 15 years, our philosophy, Return on Relationship is a way of life at Beholder.

Solution Driven

Our solutions drive us to fulfill your goals and needs. We research, evaluate, strategize, create, share and measure. Our production and budget efficiencies maximize client’s ROI.

Content Marketing Company

Beholder is a content marketing company specializing in film and video production, copy writing, web design and development, and social media marketing.


Beholder develops and supports our client’s marketing, advertising, education, training, social, web, and broadcast needs.

Content Marketing Services

It can be a challenge for businesses to consistently produce fresh content at a pace that meets consumer demands. Beholder’s Content Marketing Services prioritize your marketing goals and evaluate your consumer’s needs. Our Content Marketing Service Plans create, share and measure the content; every single month you're on the plan.

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Film and Video Production

With over 20 years of experience, Beholder’s film and video production services span the entire process from pre-production, script writing, and casting to HD production, post-production, and final deliverable. Our range includes short films, documentaries, TV shows, marketing and sales presentations, & education and training programs.

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Web Design & Development

Beholder develops websites to deliver content to your audience. Today’s site need to be responsive, robust, with a strategic content development plan. We evaluate your audience, determine your consumer's search patterns, develop an effective web strategy, and create a modern website design with effective copy that’s easy to navigate and share.

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Brand Integration

Brand integration used to be referred to as product placement. But audiences are more savvy and don’t want to be “pitched” to any more. With Beholder, we’ll integrate your brand into all of your content so that your audience will want to connect, engage and share your message.

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Content Creation

Content Creation is vast and varied! Depending on your project's needs, Beholder will write, design, and create everything from blogs, articles, whitepapers, and infographics, to graphic design, photos, images, videos, animations, motion graphics and illustrations.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is at the core of today's user experience. We’ll help you determine the best platforms, build authentic outbound efforts, develop a strong social media community, and share your content to help you connect, engage, and retain loyal consumers.

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Fresh, engaging content has never been as important as it is today. To stay relevant, businesses need to generate a lot of content and share it properly. But, it can be a challenge for businesses to consistently produce fresh content at a pace that meets consumer demands. Until now! With Beholder's Content Marketing Packages, you will


Our turn-key Content Marketing Packages fit a variety of budgets and marketing goals. From copy writing and creating graphics and videos, to sharing social media and generating PR.
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