Solution: Marketing

Genji Foods is the nation’s leading take-away Japanese-inspired sushi provider in the USA and UK. The Genji Mission is to serve food-lovers with delicious Japanese-inspired food and knowledge to lead happy, healthy lives, and to energize the world with Japanese cuisine.

As a high-end consumer/retail client, Beholder services a variety of brands including Genji Sushi, Hai Street Kitchen & Co., Wok Street, and Ramen. Beholder provides comprehensive branding, marketing, and film and video production services including development and strategy, on-location filming throughout the United States, enhanced post-production services, motion graphics, and digital final delivery.

Beholder focuses on two distinct audiences – B2B and B2C. The majority of this retailers products are sold within major retail stores throughout the United States and UK.  This requires different strategic brand approaches to connect with the B2B distribution partner; as well as a B2B Consumer enabling a strong user experience.  We want the end consumer to have a great brand experience both with the products; as well as within the various retail establishments they are partnered with.  #WinWin

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